Refine – Advanced class


Best for those looking to take their strength to the next level – improve exercise capacity, stamina, balance and control. Select your preferred day and time below. The 10-week term starts from 10 October 2022. Reserve your spot ASAP, limited availability.


Clinical Exercise classes at RedoHealth are mat-based and use a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises. A portion of the class with also include standing exercises and the use of small Pilates-type equipment.

Clinical Exercise with a Physiotherapist is great for helping those with neck and back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, those recovering from spinal surgery and for those recovering from an injury or looking to prevent injury.

In our Mat Clinical Exercise classes you will:

  1. Rebuild strength of postural muscles
  2. Restore mobility
  3. Reduce muscle tension in chronically tight areas.
  4. Reconnect with your deep muscular system effectively and efficiently (core)
  5. Recover from injury
  6. Reduce your risk of future injury.

Prior to starting your class, all NEW participants will be assessed for your postural and movement strategies to identify areas that require specific attention. This allows for your individual differences to be addressed with the appropriate exercises.

Pre-paid bookings are essential.

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