Rebound – Strength Circuit Class

💥 A strength and conditioning exercise class with a focus on rehabilitation for existing injuries and prevention of common injuries that may occur when ageing.

💥 Designed for those with chronic health conditions in mind (e.g. Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiac, etc).

This class is for those want to:

☑️ Improve their health and wellness

☑️ Build stronger muscles and bones

☑️ Recover from injury or surgery

☑️ Ease body aches and pains

☑️ Exercise safely and effectively with a trained expert!

☑️ Improve longevity and quality of life

☑️ Boost motivation and social connection by exercising with a group.

Get started with a free session where we will assess your current strength & health so we can then provide an effective plan to ensure you get fit, & healthier than ever.


➡️ Get Your Free Strength Assessment and Health Plan. 

But get in quick! Limited Spots Available.


Exercising with an Trained expert is great for helping those with: body aches & pains, recovering form injury or surgery, chronic health conditions such as Osteoporisis, Osteoarthritis, Sarcopenia, Lower Back Pain, Cancer, Post-stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Poor balance and mobility.

In Rebound Strength Circuit classes you will:

  1. Restore mobility & flexibility
  2. Learn proper technique to exercise safely
  3. Build muscle mass and bone density (strong muscles = strong bones)
  4. Boost longevity by training your heart and lungs
  5. Get supervision and feedback from an Exercise Expert!
  6. Reduce your risk of future injury.
  7. Build a stronger more resilient body to age healthily
  8. Improve your overall quality of life

Having a Strength Assessment prior to beginning a training program allows your trainer to get a baseline measurement of your strength and exercise/health goals. Based on this we can account for your individual differences to be addressed with the appropriate exercises.

Group Exercise Physiology classes at RedoHealth are health fund rebatable. Check with your health fund.


➡️ Book Free Strength Assessment and Health Plan here.

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