Adam Wiltshire

Qigong Instructor

Adam is the founder of the Australian School of Energetics.

He is a Sydney-based Reiki master teacher, Qigong instructor, and meditation facilitator.

Adam is passionate about demystifying energetic healing and popularising eastern forms of medicine and healing in the West.

He is on a mission to empower people who feel they are not “spiritual enough” or “psychic enough” to study the natural healing arts as a way of better caring for themselves and feeling healthier.

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    Qigong Instructor Training, 400 hours, 2017
    Daoist Medical Qigong Instructor Training, 5 Element Qigong, 8 Trigram Qigong, 200 hours, 2019
    Medical Qigong Instructor Training, Shibashi Set 1, Ba Duan Jin (8 pieces of brocade), and Guigen Qigong (30 hours)
    Certified Usui Reiki Teacher Training, 30 hours, 2017
    Psychic Development Practitioner Training, 100 hours, 2017
    Member of International Institute of Complementary Therapists

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