Pre and post surgery

Surgery can be a daunting process. We work with patients  to optimise their recovery from operations.

Physiotherapy pre-surgery

In the pre-operative phase, we work with you to reduce swelling and pain and increase range of motion and strength. We want you to be in the best condition possible before your operation. We help you to understand the surgery and timeline for recovery and set specific goals for your rehabilitation.

Pre-surgery rehabilitation allows patients to prepare for and recuperate from surgery safely under the supervision of their physiotherapist. Physiotherapy prior to surgery helps reduce pain and inflammation. It improves joint mobility and range of motion to prepare clients for a successful surgical outcome.

Pre-surgical rehabilitation involves an individualised exercise conditioning program that trains the muscles in advance for the exercises they will need to perform post-surgery. Pre-surgical rehabilitation helps relieve pain, reduce inflammation, increase stamina, enhance overall fitness, restore range of motion and regain strength and flexibility in the joints and muscles near the injured area.

Pre-surgical physical therapy leads to faster recovery with better outcomes, fewer complications and reduced anxiety. Most pre-operative rehabilitation programs last four to six weeks, depending on your needs.

Post-surgery rehabilitation

Post-surgical rehabilitation is essential to regain pain-free function and return to daily activities safely and in a shorter timeframe. Our physiotherapists perform a thorough evaluation and develop a customised treatment plan to minimise adverse effects from surgery and restore normal movement, flexibility, and function.
Post-surgery rehabilitation helps patients manage post-operative pain, regain motion and strength, stiffness and swelling and return to their daily activities faster. Post-surgical rehabilitation can take several months, and it is essential to begin physical therapy shortly after surgery so that the joint can heal properly and minimise scar tissue development.

Common surgeries requiring post-operative care

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Physiotherapy can aid in pre and and post surgery recovery.

Our physiotherapists specialise in injury prevention, rehabilitation, holistic fitness, and sustainable healing. 


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