Improve breathing, increased flexibility and strength and a calmer mind.

Yoga is a great exercise where you get to move your whole body through a variety of postures, resulting in improved breathing, increased flexibility and strength and a calmer mind.

Yoga classes at RedoHealth aim to:

These uniquely designed flow classes will be focused on alignment, building strength, and cultivating inner awareness. ⁠
With a full body focus, Kate will offer a variety of variations for everyone from beginners to more experienced yoga practitioners.
Incorporating vinyasa flow, hip openers, standing postures and balancing poses as well as simple inversions, we will work on building strength and connection between your mind, your body and your breath.

Join us in the studio for our Realign Yoga Classes and start 2022 with a renewed sense of energy, vitality and calm.

Kate Hurst
Yoga Teacher


Meet Kate Hurst, our in-house yoga teacher

Kate Hurst came to yoga as an overworked creative entrepreneur over 15 years ago looking for a way to become more effective, resilient and calm, both on and off the mat.

Kate completed her Vinyasa training in 2019 and now teaches individual, corporate and group classes that combine creative sequencing with a steady and calm approach.

Having felt the transformative benefits of having a regular asana, meditation and pranayama practice in her life, Kate’s passion now is to help others to find more vitality, connection and presence in their own practice.