Sport and performance

Maximise your performance, training and recovery.

Physiotherapy for maximising sports performance

Physiotherapy could be your secret weapon!

Every sport places a different type of physical demand on the body. Some sports like long-distance running require cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance. In contrast, other sports like golf require core strength and control, and back and hip mobility to ensure a powerful and accurate swing. To be on top of your game, an individualised exercise program that incorporates strength and fitness, injury prevention, and sport-specific exercises that consider the demands of the sport on the body will give you an edge on the competition. A Physiotherapist could be your MVP!

How can a Physiotherapist help improve my performance?

Physiotherapists utilise their knowledge and skills to develop targeted programs that result in top performance for their clients. Ensuring their patients are in peak physical condition isn’t just crucial for winning a game but is also vital for minimising the risk of injury.

Our Physiotherapists at RedoHealth are passionate about helping individuals achieve their best in their sport. Your Physiotherapist will complete a comprehensive assessment considering your goals, previous injuries or health conditions and conduct a movement analysis to create an individualised program specific to you.

Whether it’s an individual or group exercise class that best suits your needs, our Physiotherapist can provide a detailed program to help you achieve your sporting goals and best performance yet.O

What are the basic principles for preventing sports injuries?

Sports injury rehabilitation and management

After a thorough assessment, your Physio will provide a targeted plan for you to manage your risks and improve your performance. We can help you to refine movement patterns through specific retraining exercises and then progress to strengthening and conditioning you back to your chosen exercise or sport.

As a part of your treatment plan, your physiotherapist may include:

Physiotherapy could be just what the doctor ordered to enhance your performance.


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