Our Physiotherapy approach

At RedoHealth, we take a holistic approach, addressing not only the physical aspects of your wellbeing but also your mental health.

We provide support at all stages of healthcare, including prevention, education, intervention, rehabilitation, and treatment. We also utilise leading approaches to physio such as ConnectTherapy™.

Shoulder physiotherapy in Sydney
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We will ask you many questions to understand the ’why’ – why has your injury or pain occurred? 

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Answering the ‘Why’

Identifying the driver – what is causing you not to have optimal movement?

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The Plan

What treatment is needed to restore your optimal movement, with the safest approach.

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Reactivate, Rebuild, Refine, Reignite – Your program is designed specifically around your driver.


A structured framework that includes whole-body assessment linking pain and drivers. It is a whole-body approach that treats the whole person with consideration of what has meaning to the individual. Focuses on training new strategies for posture and movement, while removing bad habits and poor strategies for movement. Developed by Canadian physiotherapist Dr LJ Lee.

Thoracic Ring Approach™

Assessment of the thoracic spine and ribcage as an integrated ring structure. Involves individual assessment of each ring through posture and movement. Often the thoracic spine is thought of as stiff and stable. The TRA introduces the idea that it is more flexible and to the role neuromuscular forces play in creating compression through the thorax. The thorax is often not an area of pain, but an area of dysfunction contributing to pain in various regions of the body (e.g. headaches, Achilles pain, low back pain, knee pain).

Meet our expert team

Brendan McGovern Redo Health Sydney
Clinic Director & Principal Physiotherapist
Roisin Duffy
Senior Physiotherapist
patrick redohealth
Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Melinda Luck Redo Health Sydney
Senior Physiotherapist
Redo Health Izaak Deklerk
Remedial Massage Therapist
Janetta Glenn
Yoga Teacher


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