COVID and Breathing

COVID and Breathing

If nothing else, this pandemic has caused hundreds of millions of people around the world to become aware of something that they simple took for granted – and that is the ability to breathe.

Suddenly people could not breathe – they became breathless, they could not inhale or exhale – they needed to be put onto ventilators – everyone started wearing masks and found that breathing was actually a big deal.

I love making things simple and nothing could be more simple than this.

Your entire life focuses around one thing – and one thing only – and that is survival.

Put another way, survival is really the ability ‘to take the next breath’, so we can really say that our entire lives are focused on taking that next breath – and the body will stop at nothing – short of death – to allow that to happen.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that if, early on in life, perhaps even shortly after birth we started to experience problems taking that next breath, the survival mechanism built into everyone of us simply took over and forced us to create a function which allowed us to continue to breathe.

This could be anything from tilting the head, arching the back, opening the mouth or pushing the head forward so that the airway remained open. This compensation, multiplied tens of thousands of times a day, then became our ‘normal’ way of breathing and we never thought anything of it.

This resulted in compensated posture which in turn affected other systems in the body, and before we knew it we were compensating in almost everything we did.

There are only three categories of communicable diseases:

Fungal infections.

Everything else that happens to us is a consequence of what we are doing.

Simply put – we do not ‘catch’ high blood pressure, headaches, digestive disorders, disturbed sleep, cooked teeth, snoring, sleep apnoea and every other ‘modern complaint’ that ultimately becomes a chronic illness.

These conditions arise because the body is out of balance in the thing we do most – breathing – and that in turn translates itself into other dysfunctional behaviours and habits.

Please remember – no habit is ever created unless there is a reason and a payoff or benefit. That benefit might be short-lived – such as taking the next breath – and the body is never concerned about the long term consequences of ensuring moment-to-moment survival.

The modern world is built around efficiency.

Motor cars are energy efficient, washing machines, fridges and other appliances are all measured in terms of being energy efficient. Have you ever wondered where the way you use your body is ‘energy efficient’?

Today, thanks to modern technology, it is a simple process to establish your breathing efficiency. It is a simple, non invasive process involving the principle of ‘biofeedback’ where you can see the form, shape size and efficiency of every breath on a graph. More importantly – you can see how you can change that graph by making simple changes to the way you are sitting, standing or breathing.

Contact us to arrange to have your breathing efficiency assessed. It is quick, simple and painless.

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