Yoga classes at RedoHealth aim to:

  • Release tension

  • Regain mobility

  • Reactivate postural muscles

  • Rebound from injury

  • Recharge your energy

All Yoga classes at RedoHealth are 10-weeks and include a pre-class Physiotherapy assessment to ensure you get the most out of your yoga practice.


A relaxing yet energizing class including flowing movements, meditation, breath work, and passive and supported poses to stretch and strengthen the body as well as bring a sense of calm to the mind. This class is suitable for yogis of all levels, especially those who prefer slower paced flow, are working with an injury or would like to deepen their yoga practice.

Mondays 6:00pm, Saturdays 8am


This is a great class to both warm the body up and energise yourself whilst adding a sense of overall calm and softness to the body and mind. Throughout the class there will be a special focus of linking movement to breath through specific yoga sequences to strengthen and stretch the body. This class includes breathing techniques and meditation practice to create balance and leave you feeling connected and relaxed. Open to yogis at all levels however due to the faster paced class little experience is preferred.

Wednesdays 6:00pm

Access to all Yoga classes + access to Clinical Exercise/Pilates & Qigong classes: $35/week

$35/week to do as many classes as you would like.

Payment link for one week of classes HERE.

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**week goes from Monday to Saturday

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