Thinking about a change…

Thinking about a change...

Now you’re starting to think. To ponder. To contemplate. About making that change that has been a long time coming. You’re thinking, “I have a problem with my posture and I really think I should do something about it.”

You’ve thought about your current situation. You’ve considered the impact your behaviour is having on your health and well-being. You realize something needs to change.

Last week I discussed the first stage of change, precontemplation; the stage in which you are unaware that your current behaviour is negatively impacting your health. People can remain in this stage for a long time; in one study looking at smokers, they remained in this stage for 2 years without making any shift toward contemplation.

In the second stage, contemplation, you have acknowledged that you have a problem and you begin to think about how you can address it, but have yet to make any concrete plans. However, unlike those in the last stage, you’ll making a move somewhere in the next 6 months.

It’s not easy though. You’re struggling. Maybe your posture isn’t that bad. Surely seeing someone to address it won’t help that much. You’re not sure whether the energy and cost will be worthwhile.

Or maybe it will? You’ve noticed how you slouch in photographs. And your chin pokes out. You’ve always had tension in your neck and shoulders, and now the headaches are getting worse. Surely it can get better?

Lightbulbs are going off. Your posture isn’t great; you don’t fully understand why, but may be thinking your headaches are due to the long hours sitting staring at your computer screen.

You’ve done some thinking. You may even have had someone who has pushed you along the way. But you’re not there yet, now you have to prepare yourself!

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