Take 22: Action!

Take 22: Action!

At this point you’ve probably made more than a few attempts to change your behaviour. And more than likely you’ve failed a couple times too. But that’s part of the process. Remember you don’t move through the stages in a linear fashion, but spiral back and forth.

Anyway, you’ve thought about the changes you needed to make, you’ve done your research and now you’ve made the plunge. And in the end, doing what you needed to do wasn’t so hard.

You made it the physiotherapy appointment you booked. You had your assessment and learned a few interesting things. Your headaches and back pain both ARE related to your posture. Your work station needs a few modifications. The way you sit could use a bit of work, and you really DO need to get up from your desk more than 3 times a day!! And of course, you were given a few exercises – got to remember to do those now too!

Just like you, I too have had to struggle through the processes of change. Getting back into regular exercise after a break. Being more aware of my posture. Returning to my morning meditation ritual. We’re all fallible, so don’t be so hard on yourself.

Now that you’re taking action, people are starting to take notice. Your co-workers comment on how much your posture has improved. Your partner notices you’re not complaining about your headaches or your lower back pain. It feels good that people are noticing. After all, you did put a lot of time and energy into make all these changes happen.

You’ve now made the change and have kept with it all for the last 6 months. Now can you continue to maintain your new healthy behaviours or will you relapse? How do you set yourself up to succeed? Is failure inevitable?

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