Plan it Out: 10 Steps

Plan it Out: 10 Steps

How do you set health-related goals and make them a reality?

  1.  Ask yourself what you want to change in your life. Think big picture and don’t limit yourself. What does a healthier version of you look like?
  2.  Write down your 3 most important goals. Be specific and detailed.
  3. How will you measure your change? Flexibility? Posture? Body fat?
  4. Make a deadline. If you’ve set big goals, make sub deadlines. These could be in weeks or months.
  5. Consider the obstacles that may be in the way of you achieving your goals. Why haven’t you already smashed them? What’s holding you back? Think about yourself and not others, it’s more than likely that the reason you haven’t achieved your goal comes from within.
  6. Are there any habits you need to develop to make achieving your goals easier? Is there anyone who can support you in making these habit changes? Consider what’s in it for them – why should they support you? Maybe you can help each other in achieving your goals.
  7. Make a list of everything you will need to do to make your goal a reality. List. Every. Single. Step.
  8. Plan it out. Consider the order of the steps you will need to take. What will you need to do today for tomorrow? This week for next month, and so on. You should be doing something every day to get you there. Organise your plan based on what takes priority.
  9. Visualise your goals. Think about each goal as a reality. A clear picture in your mind of what it looks like. This can be quite powerful.
  10. Show someone your goals. A friend. A partner. Your social media. This will hold you accountable and keep you on track.

Good luck and may this be your best year yet!

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