Is it time for change?

Is It Time For Change

Could you have better posture? Would better posture equate to pain-free movement? Do you experience pain with daily activities or exercise? Do you think changing your current behaviour could have a positive impact on how you think, feel and move?

The Health Belief Model looks at how you make actions to better your health.

Can you recognize that you had have a health-related issue that needs to be addressed?

  • You constantly have a sore back or tight neck and shoulders at the end of your work day.

Let’s change your perception of susceptibility to move towards behaviour change.

Do you understand that you may be vulnerable to a poor health outcome?

  • You finish more days with a sore back or neck than not.
  • You’ve developed headaches and can’t focus on your work or your kids.
  • You’ve stopped your normal exercise routine; its constantly aggravating your lower back

Let’s increase your awareness of how serious the outcomes of your current behaviour are in order to improve your quality of life.

Do you realize that changing your behaviour can be beneficial and the benefits of that change will outweigh any associated costs?

  • Better posture: alleviation of headaches, neck pain and back pain.
  • Pain-free movement: regular exercise, able to play with the kids without worrying you’ll aggravate your old back injury.
  • In the long run, you’ll spend less money on physio, chiro, osteo, massage, etc.

Once we understand your individual perspective, it is important to understand how modifying factors can affect your decision to make a change.

What is the perceived threat? Will your poor sitting posture lead to ongoing lower back or neck pain? Does your sedentary job contribute? Are those niggles in your neck or lower back impacting your ability to exercise?

If you answered yes to any of these questions…change may be just what you need!

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