Invest in Yourself!

Invest in Yourself

Injury or illness never comes at a convenient time. Depending on the illness or injury, there may be some time involved in the treatment or rehab process and this can end up being quite costly.

When it comes to your health, you want to think of it as an investment, not an expense.

When it comes to niggles that persist, you may think, “why do I keep getting these niggles, and should I be doing something about them?”

The short answer: Yes!

An analogy I like to use when it comes to pain and injuries is that of a fire. Often before we notice something is burning, we smell or see the smoke. The smoke is the niggle you experience, whereas the fire you notice is the full-blown pain episode.

Before your niggles turn into acute episodes of pain, restricted mobility or limited function it may be worthwhile getting yourself checked out by an allied health professional to prevent these episodes. Think preventative healthcare or “prehab” with a Physiotherapist or Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

This would involve a review your health, movement and exercise history and a thorough examination of your posture, mobility, strength and balance. From there, some “hands-on” or manual therapy may be involved, before developing a structured exercise program, comprised or exercises to improve mobility, build strength and finesse movement patterns.

The ultimate goal would be to be build a stronger and more mobile version of YOU that is able to withstand the stresses of everyday life and allow you to fully engage in your daily activities, exercise and sport of choice.

So, before you find yourself in a situation where you are in pain and can’t move, consider that you may be able to take more control. Like your annual visits to the dentist to get your teeth checked and cleaned, getting your posture and movement patterns assessed will only better your overall health and well-being and thus your future. An investment you will surely gain from.

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