Doing It Together: The Benefits of Group Exercise

Doing It Together: The Benefits of Group Exercise

When it comes to exercising, there are those that prefer to workout alone and those that need someone to push and motivate them.

Motivation comes easier to some than others. For those that need that extra push, that motivating workout buddy or instructor is just one of the benefits of exercising in a group.

What else is so great about working out with a partner or group?

Physical Benefits

One of the main goals of exercising in the first place is making a healthier version of you!

Make sure to pick classes that align with your fitness goals and personal needs.

If you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness, pick classes that will get your heart rate up – dance, spin, step or boxing classes.

If you want to build muscular strength you may want more calisthenics, weight training or bootcamps.

For flexibility and/or relaxation try yoga.

To improve posture, core stability and strength and manage aches and pains, Clinical Pilates is your best bet.

Social Opportunities

Getting out and off the sofa allows you to meet like-minded people in your community.

If you struggle to exercise on your own, you are more likely to have fun while exercising with others.

Like you, others in the class may have similar health and wellness goals.

Getting out there allows you to meet new people and build new friendships.


Having a well-structured and consistent plan in place for your fitness goals is a must to see results.

Adding group sessions into your weekly routine you will give you a structured foundation from which to achieve your fitness goals – making yourself leaner, faster and stronger!


Committing to a weekly class will make you accountable – this will keep you going week after week.

When you have to pay for a class with a limited number of sessions you’re more likely to attend.

When the instructor or other class participants enquire about why you missed a class, you won’t want to tell them you were sitting on the couch!

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