Learning Qigong – How Can it Help Me Be Less Stressed?

Learning Qigong - How Can it Help Me Be Less Stressed?

Do you struggle with daily racing thoughts and want to find more clarity of mind?

For many people in the west, we have a chronic addiction to doing. That is, constantly needing to keep ourselves occupied – whether that’s at work, in family life or in our leisure time.

With so many stimulants available to keep us moving, so much knowledge out there to learn, endless desires to be met and pressure to become someone more than who we already are – its no wonder that we have such epidemic levels of anxiety and stress in our culture.

If I rewind to 10 years ago, this was my day to day – feeling racing thoughts, daily performance anxiety and overwhelm from it all.

But one key learning changed all of this for me – realising that who you are being is more important than what you are doing.

This realisation came through my daily practice of Qigong over the years and has reframed my perspectives on what it really means to be human.

It helped me to develop higher states of self awareness, to listen to my body & what it really needs, to stop getting caught up in all the cravings for something more than what i already have and that take me away from who i really am.

This Qigong, when practiced regularly, can enable you to sync your mind your body to be less in your head, develop laser sharp concentration and to reconnect with your inner being.

It’s not a magic quick fix – but learning the practice can be the start of a beautiful union between your mind, body and spirit in becoming whole and remembering who you really are.

In our western culture, it is so easy to get overly caught up in forming an identity of who you are as a human and to forget about your being- my upcoming classes at RedoHealth are your invitation to change that.

Come and experience Qigong for yourself this October for my 10-week terms as we weave the mind, body and spirit into new states of clarity, stillness and inner peace.

Book your place today!

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