Clinical Pilates: Why You Need to Get On The Mat!

Clinical Pilates: Why You Need to Get On The Mat!

Clinical Pilates, a form of Pilates led by Physiotherapists, is in essence strengthening of the postural muscles.

Prior to starting a class, you are assessed for your postural and movement strategies to identify areas that require specific attention. This allows for your individual differences to be addressed with the appropriate exercises during class.

What’s so great about Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a great adjunct to your regular exercise program which helps:

  1. Strengthen and tone your postural muscles
  2. Improve your flexibility
  3. Reduce muscle tension in those chronically tight areas.
  4. Ensure you are engaging your deep muscular system effectively and efficiently (your core)
  5. Help you recover from injury
  6. Reduce your risk of future injury (pre-hab)
  7. Reduce your risk of future injury (pre-hab)

If you’re training regularly, be it with a trainer, in a group setting, on your own, Clinical Pilates can be a great add-on.

Exercises given help counter the negative effects of poor posture and movement strategies, often related to sustained postures – too much sitting, too much standing, etc.

Clinical Pilates is not meant to replace your existing training program, but to supplement and benefit it.

Strengthening your postural muscles – your deep muscle system will make you stronger and more resilient – in your gym sessions, sport, work and daily activities.

What happens when you stick to your one activity or sport, such as cycling or weight training?

When you engage in one activity you continually stress your body in the same way.

When all your do is run or cycle or lift weights, your muscles, joints and ligaments get used to doing the same thing over and over, creating less options for movement and thus areas of tension and stiffness.

For example, a cyclist tends to be dominant in their quadriceps and short in their hip flexors and abdominals.

By adding a variety of movement strategies to your training program, you increase your options available for movement resulting in less muscle tension and joint stiffness.

You don’t have to stop your activity, but if you are a runner, a cyclist or a weightlifter, adding Pilates once each week can help improve your performance in your given activity. Speak to our team to learn how pilates can help improve your performance in other disciplines.

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