5 Key Tips for Better Walking


Walking. Better walking.  It requires no equipment. If anything, just a good pair of shoes to get you moving in comfort. Movement is medicine, so they say right? And walking is a great way to move your body. Something we have had ample time to do over the months of lockdown. And for some, more […]

Your Guide to Getting Back to the Gym

Your Guide to Getting Back to the Gym by Redohealth

In less than a week we will see the state start to re-open. This means gyms can re-open and for many that equates to a big shift or change in their exercise routine. Some of us have kept active over the last 3 months. Some of us have not. Your training may have included park […]

Why Your Movement Matters

Why Movement Matters

Movement is Medicine. So we keep saying. But what does that mean exactly? Movement is not a pill you can take. It requires A LOT more effort. And in our current situation, it also requires motivation, adherence and perseverance. In our last blog we looked at the idea behind the 10,000 steps “myth” – and […]

Fact or Fiction: 10,000 steps a day is better for your health

Woman smiling while enjoying her walk

10,000 steps/day. It’s been ingrained into our brains as the gold standard for how much we should be moving each day. There is a whole industry built around it. Do you remember the pedometers you use to clip on to your belt? Now we have a range of fitness trackers, from Fitbit® to Garmin® and […]

Redo Online: The Benefits of Exercising From the Comfort of Your Home

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At RedoHealth we find great value in group exercise, as do many of our clients, but we also appreciate that it is not always feasible for everyone to participate in for a variety of reasons. Many people struggle with motivation to exercise. Some don’t enjoy exercise at all. Others are easily bored with exercise. Having […]

Finding Your Balance in Lockdown

Finding balance in lockdown

Here we go again. It feels like Groundhog day! In Sydney we are now in week 3 of our second lockdown. And it looks like we have a few more to go! It’s hard to be here again, but we did it before and we’ll do it again. Hopefully we are not in this position […]

Osteoarthritis: Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions

Osteoarthritis Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the leading cause of reduced physical activity as we age. Given that physical activity is the ultimate remedy to staving off many lifestyle diseases including OA, this is a big issue. If Osteoporosis is the disease of bone being taken away, Osteoarthritis can be thought of as the disease of bone being […]

Physiotherapy for vertigo, can it help?

Can Physiotherapy Help

Over the last couple months I have been seeing quite a few clients in the clinic presenting with episodes of dizziness or vertigo. When most people experience vertigo, it comes on quickly and can leave one feeling completely disoriented with both dizziness and nausea. This commonly results in a visit to the GP or Emergency […]

The Health Benefits of Magnesium

The Health Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in the human body, playing a role in hundreds of metabolic reactions – every cell in our body needs it! Thus, it is essential in promoting healthy body and brain function.  Despite this, we may not always have enough magnesium in our body, even when consuming a […]

Working from Home: How to Move More and Sit Less

Working from Home: How to Move More and Sit Less

2021 – We are now over a year on from when the first lockdown occurred in NSW, when a lot of us we were plunged into working from home. For many this was a godsend! No commuting. Working to your own schedule. Not having to get dressed up for work. Sleep in? Sure why not? […]