Redo Online: The Benefits of Exercising From the Comfort of Your Home

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At RedoHealth we find great value in group exercise, as do many of our clients, but we also appreciate that it is not always feasible for everyone to participate in for a variety of reasons.

Many people struggle with motivation to exercise.

Some don’t enjoy exercise at all.

Others are easily bored with exercise.

Having an injury or illness is often a big barrier that we encounter in the clinic. This is one that we work on with our patients – getting back to exercise is one of the most common goals our patients have. Participating in a group class is often a key part of their rehabilitation and then ongoing fitness regime. 

Other barriers to participation in group exercise may include:

  • Insufficient time to exercise
  • Family obligations
  • Work commitments
  • Class schedule
  • Finances
  • Location or access to facilities
  • Child care

There are many advantages to exercising in a group setting:

  • The obvious physical benefits of exercise – to improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Social opportunities – exercising with current friends and making new ones!
  • Structure – not sure how to structure your exercise program to meet your goals? Working out in a group is one way to do this.
  • Accountability – signing up for a weekly class keeps you accountable. You’ve already paid to attend, you need to meet your new or current friend and don’t want to let them down, or yourself!

Last year with COVID, we moved all our classes online. We were able to go back to in person classes, but continued to offer these online classes. The biggest downside of doing classes online, is that you don’t get the same social interaction, however you still get all the benefits mentioned above plus a few others.

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The benefits to participating in classes live on Zoom:

  • You get to exercise from the comfort of your own home
  • You don’t have to worry about anyone looking at you! Everyone is looking at what the instructor is doing and some seasoned class participants spend more time listening. It is important to note here that most people are more worried about what they are doing than what you are doing during a class!
  • You still get valuable feedback and cueing from your instructor to ensure you are moving well and safely
  • You’re still accountable to yourself to show up and login to each class. It is easy to hit the snooze button or just to work through, but you know what by taking the hour to move your body you will feel better for it!
  • When you sign up for Redo Live Zoom classes you also get sent recordings, so even if you sleep in, have a work meeting, etc, you can do the class on your own time. Really enjoy that particular class? Well, you can do it later in the week, as you have access to the recording for one week.
  • Did we mention you get to do it from the comfort of your own home?!?

Prior to this current lockdown we were preparing for Term 3 classes and transitioning away from Live Zoom classes to Redo Online – our online class library. While we are still doing Zoom classes in lieu of in person classes, the platform has still gone live. 

Here are some great advantages of Redo Online:

  • Current Library of 9 different courses – includes Clinical Exercise classes taught by Melinda and Brendan – Restore, Rebuild, Refine plus Stretch & Release with Brendan and Qigong with Adam
  • Redo Basics for Posture and Movement with Melinda – 10-15 minute videos reviewing the basics of sitting posture, standing posture, breathing, core activation, glute activation, shoulder strength and popular stretching exercises
  • Refresh Series – 30 minute focused sessions – Upper body, lower body, Whole Body workouts, varied in strength and intensity from lite, medium to strong. Great for those who want a shorter workout, but still with a key focus. 
  • New courses/lessons added at the start of each month. New Content coming to include Redo Pilates Foundations and shorter Pilates-style workouts.
  • Ability to star your favourite workouts so it is easy to go back to them again and again
  • Only $19/week – so more financially viable for some. Can also be a great supplement to your in person classes (when we get back to them!) 
  • One week FREE when you sign up!

If you are keen to do live Zoom classes get in touch here.

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