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Due to the lockdowns we have paused our in person classes. You can however, still purchase below to secure your space for when we recommence. Please note, in the meantime we also have a new online membership which contains 9 classes. You can use these to stay on track from home. Click here to learn more.


Introducing Redo Online Membership. Over the last year we have been recording our Zoom Clinical Exercise classes.

These include: Restore and Rebuild taught by Melinda and Brendan, Refine and Stretch & Release taught by Brendan and Qigong taught by Adam.


We will be uploading new content each month.

To start you have the Redo Basics for Posture and Movement Series – short 10-15 minute videos covering habits and strategies around sitting, standing, breathing, stretching and more.

Melinda has also created shorter form classes – our Refresh Series – 30 minute workouts, some more focused (upper body vs lower body) and some whole body sessions. They range in strength from lite to strong.

Want to see more or less of something? New ideas for classes. Let us know! Enjoy your first class!

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