Sky comes from Singapore: A melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures. As such, he has many interests ranging from science documentaries to Chinese philosophy to the latest video games. To stay fit and healthy, he practices Wing Chun Kung Fu and Yang-Style Taijiquan.

After graduating with a Bachelor in Applied Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney in 2016, he has worked in various private practices as well as with patients under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

In 2017, Sky started his ConnectTherapy™ training in The Sports Thorax course and completed the ConnectTherapy™ full series in 2019 (which Jane assisted). Now he aims to give his clients the benefits he had received from ConnectTherapy™.

Passionate about efficient and effortless movement, Sky has completed training in APPI Clinical Pilates and Therapeutic Yoga Level 1. He also uses Chinese martial art principles to teach effective movement techniques. Besides Pilates, Yoga and martial arts, he adds gym exercises and powerlifting techniques he had learnt to his treatment sessions, giving his clients the benefits from Eastern and Western modalities.

Sky is one of RedoHealth’s many success stories. He first came as a client in 2018 for treatment of a poorly rehabilitated left arm. A few treatment sessions with Brendan helped him regain a fully functional left arm. Now, he is joining the RedoHealth team as a physiotherapist.

Sky’s Clinic Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

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    BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in Exercise and Sport Science
    The Sports Thorax by Dr. Linda-Joy Lee Institute (2017)
    ConnectTherapy™ Full Series Graduate (2019)
    APPI Pilates (Matwork and Equipment)
    APPI Therapeutic Yoga Level 1
    Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association

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Melinda Luck Redo Health Sydney
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