Calli Butler

Certified Pilates Instructor

Calli started off life as an ice skater at a young age, competing all over the UK, until a knee injury sidelined her. Over the years she has dealt with a variety of injuries personally and finds this has given her great insight into motivating people to improve the way in which they move, allowing them to improve their quality of life.

Calli qualified as a Personal Trainer, running her own business for many years. Feeling she was missing something to help her clients, she turned to Pilates which has helped her immensely refine her skills when it comes to helping people move and feel better!

Calli enjoys spending time with her young son, singing, photography, crafting and upcycling furniture.

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    Studio Pilates Mat Certificate
    Studio Pilates Full Studio Certificate
    Studio Pilates Small Ball Certificate
    Studio Pilates Ball, Band and Circle Certificate
    Studio Pilates Foam Roller Certificate
    Fitnation Certificate IV in Fitness

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