At RedoHealth, our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Kyle Cox runs two 10-week strength and conditioning classes - Healthy Bones and Smarter Strength and Conditioning.



Bone Building for Osteoporosis 

Our Healthy Bones, led by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist, uses evidence-based research which shows the positive effect structured exercise can have for healthy bones and joints. Each participant receives an individually prescribed strength-based program after the initial assessment. 

This class is suitable for:

  1.  Those with reduced bone mineral density (osteopenia), osteoporosis or osteoarthritis

  2. Individuals with a pre-exisitng injury or medical condition, requiring a more individualised strength program.

  3. Those looking to improve their strength and level of fitness in a small class setting with an exercise expert! 


The Smarter Strength and Conditioning class ia fusion of traditional strength training with the latest research on physical literacy and biomechanics to not only improve fitness quickly and safely, but future-proof joints and other systems within the body.

In this class you will:

  1. Get stronger, fitter and improve your mobility

  2. Receive and individualised exercise program in a group setting

  3. Improve your health and/or chronic disease risk factors

All individuals wishing to join the class will need to undertake an initial assessment which involves previous injury history, postural assessment, goal setting and introduction to strength training principles.

Pre-paid bookings are essential - Class size limited to 4 participants.


Participants may be able to claim the cost of this course with their private health fund.



 Step 1:  Book into the class you want to attend below. To secure your spot for the term, you just need to book the first class on either April 27th or April 29th.


Once you book in you will receive a RedoHealth Class Confirmation email with a payment link.


Enter your payment details to secure your spot.


Payments must be received within 24 hours or your spot will be forfeited.


Course investment: $250 (+$4.76booking fee)

Step 2: Book your Healthy Bones or Smarter Strength and Conditioning Assessment below    

This must be booked before the start of the course. Book in early to get your preferred spot!

**NOTE: If you are unable to find a suitable time, please contact Kyle on 0466 524 187 or 8021 2180.

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