B App. Sci Physio, MAPA



Senior Physiotherapist | Exercise, Hands On & Education | Acute & Chronic Pain Conditions


Sun, light, movement, strength, flow, simplicity – these are just some of the words that describe the way I live and work.


With over 25 years’ experience in the management of acute and chronic conditions, I have focused on exercise and education. Consulting to both individuals and groups in a variety of settings including 21 years at Physiocise, 4 years with Happy Body at Work, and presently with Rugby Australia and Cricket NSW, I’ve developed a unique style that is personal, caring, engaging and effective. 


I am very excited to start a new chapter, joining the very experienced team at RedoHealth. Having worked alongside both Brendan and Jane previously in my career I bring complementing expertise in hands-on treatment, exercise and education.


Passionate about whole body health and wellness, my approach is holistic. Whether you have an acute injury, flare up of an old injury or more chronic pain symptoms, I draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience to work with you to get you back to being at your best.


I am available for individual consults, exercise and postural assessments and programs as well as joining Brendan in teaching RedoHealth’s three levels of small group physiotherapy classes, Restore, Rebuild and Refine.

Melinda's Clinic Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (mornings only)