Lily Kenny Yoga Teacher redoHealth


Lily is a passionate teacher and student of yoga who is constantly inspired to share yoga as a way of healing and nurturing the body and mind. After coming across yoga in her mid-teens and developing a regular practice, she discovered the positively transformative ways yoga affected her body, mind and life. This interested her to deepen her practice by training to become a teacher to share the gift of yoga with others. Her classes are hatha based and consist of yoga postures (asana) - to increase strength, stability and flexibility in the body; hands on assistance - to ensure students are learning and practicing yoga safety, and breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation - to guide students into a state of calm and inner connection.


Yoga Teacher Training (6 week intensive)– Krishna Village April 2017


Yoga Teacher Training (4 week intensive)– Yoga Coach June 2014


Holistic Health Coaching Course  - Institute for Integrative Nutrition January 2017