Injury Management: Move it or Lose it

Injury Management: Move it or Lose it

When you’re in pain what’s your first thought?

What’s your go-to?

How do you manage it?

Do you…

Do it yourself? Pop a couple of Nurofen and get on with it?

See you GP? Get a script for something stronger? Depending on your GP, they may tell you to take your meds, take it easy and/or come back to see them if it doesn’t get better.

Maybe you go to the physio, on your own volition or by coaxing from your GP.

Or maybe you go to another health professional – chiropractor, osteopath or exercise physiologist. You find value in seeking out assistance to get you back to your normal mobile self.

I often meet new patients who have been suffering for months with pain – neck, shoulder, hip, back…the list goes on. They saw their GP and were given a script for some sort of medication and maybe a referral for imaging – ultrasound, X-Ray, MRI…and only after all that didn’t work, they send them to the physio.

It’s kind of scary when they’ve met the surgeon before they have even tried any conservative physiotherapy management!

So why do some GPs quickly suggest physiotherapy for injury, while many others stick to pills and scans?

There is plenty of research out there on the benefits of keeping people moving over handing out prescriptions for painkillers and ant-inflammatories.

For soft tissue injuries, we do not want to ignore healing guidelines, but physiotherapists are well-positioned and knowledgeable in assisting people through the healing process and keeping them moving to minimize the effects of already reduced mobility and function.

When it comes to pain, education is paramount.

75% of individuals have recurrent back pain episodes within one year and a small percentage go on to develop chronic pain.

Expert advice on moving with pain and injury can be the difference between a couple months of rehab and years of chronic pain.

In pain and don’t know what to do? Contact us today – we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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